December 22, 1979 - February 18, 2021

A Celebration of Life: Douglas Omari Buggs


The Rev. Dr. Daniel Wade McClain, SCP, OGS Priest-in-Charge, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

June 5, 2021

English Garden: Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark, Dayton

Sept 18, 2021

New York Memorial

A Memorial was held in NYC on Sept 18, 2021, for Douglas Buggs. His ashes were cast throughout the city where he lived since his 20s—a place we shared our adventures and joy. Douglas is free in a place he loved most. Thank you for loving me and caring for me over the years. You are always my heart. Love Edvin

Casting Locations of Douglas Buggs

Grand Central – 42nd Street

Grand Central is a special place. At the time, Douglas was working at Hairmates nearby, and it was a place where we’d meet each other after work and on weekends. We spent countless times getting food from Juniors in the food court in the basement and would take the train home. We spent a lot of time going into the old Kenneth Cole store while waiting on the Metro-North going to Doug’s apartment by Williamsbridge. His ashes were cast by the plants next to Pershing Square Restaurant, where he can look at our meeting place by the entrance.

39th and Park Avenue

This was the original spot to cast Douglas’ ashes since it had the nicest view of Grand Central and we always walked along Park Avenue at night as it’s one of the nicest tree-lined avenues. I wanted Doug to see Grand Central but not be overwhelmed by the tourists visiting there.

Alvin Ailey Theater – 55th & 9th Ave

Douglas loved Alvin Ailey, he was a cheerleader in high school and continued to dance afterward. We had attended 2 of the holiday shows while we were living in NYC. He was always so excited and would teach me the history of the choreographed dances. The special thing about Doug is that he always tries to teach what he knows. His ashes were cast by the tree across the street in front of the Chase bank, looking into the entrance of the theater.

Cooper Triangle – 7th & Bowery

Douglas also worked at Hairmates near St Marks in the East Village, on Saturdays, I would go meet him for lunch or breaks and would sit inside Cooper Triangle to have coffee and talked. We would also go to the Muji store across the street to shop too. He always got hair clips for work and our first Christmas, he bought me a bunch of sketchbooks from Muji. ♥️

Columbus Circle – 59th Street

Douglas and I walked around Central Park during the summers. We also had the best steak at Porterhouse inside the Time Warner Center to celebrate our wedding! His Ashes were cast near the garden area by the entrance.

Union Square Park – 16th Street

I would pick Doug up after work near the East Village and walk up to Union Square to catch the express train. At times we would grab a bite at Whole Foods across from the park. Before we left NYC, we sat inside the park having our coffee and breakfast. His ashes were cast on 16th street on the East and West side overlooking the calmer side of the park and Union Square Streets.

Marcus Carvey Park – Harlem

We spent a lot of time in Harlem as there is a Metro-North station on 125th street. We spent the last summer in NY getting lunch from Wholefoods where we sat in this park overlooking the field. It was a peaceful place within the busy streets of Harlem. His ashes were cast near the garden area by the entrance overlooking the playing field.

Lt. Petrosino Square – Spring & Lafayette

Douglas loves Tacos and we would get take out from the Corner Deli and ate in Petrosino Sq. One of those times we ate there was after our wedding day, this location holds a special place in my heart. His ashes were cast by the trees near Spring Street.

St Marks & Kingston – Brooklyn

For the first year and a half, while we were dating, we stayed at each other’s apt during the weekends and eventually alternating week-long stays at each other’s apt. At the time, I was living in Crown Heights on St Marks Ave. During that time his dog Brooklyn got pregnant and we raised 5 puppies together. His ashes were cast by the garden at the end of the street looking into the schoolyard and park where he will enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Beacon Theater – W74th Street

During our first year together, we had attended Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Concert. It was the first time we saw her live. That evening was truly magical and uplifted both of our spirits and kicked off Doug’s favorite holiday season! His Ashes were cast on the 74th street crosswalk Island by the garden area overlooking the Beacon Theater.


English Garden, Wegerzyn Park

Douglas took me to this park when we first moved to Ohio. We would come with his dog Brooklyn whenever it was nice out. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place, and it is my favorite place in the city now as it brings serenity to my life. On June 5, 2021, we held a memorial service for him and had a prayer service for him while I cast his ashes around the path we once walked together. I am glad he’s resting there as it’s a place we frequented, and I try to visit him at least once a month.

With his mom at Woodland Cemetery

My friend Christie came with me to reunite Douglas with his mom. This was something I wanted to do most since he expressed how he missed his mom and never got to say goodbye to her. I know now she is taking care of him, and they can finally spend time together. Doug knows that Christie and I talked all the time, and whenever I was on the phone, he would always ask if I was texting her. So I know he would have felt special having her accompanying me that day.

West Memory Garden of Prayer

When I first met Douglas, he would talk about Grandma Debbie all the time, sharing her wisdom with me. He would call her every night to check on her. Sadly she passed away in the Fall of 2016, but Doug was able to attend her funeral. We eventually moved into Grandma Debbie’s house in Dayton, and he would always try to take care of the house to honor and respect his grandma. Now Douglas has reunited with Grandma Debbie.

Danny Woo Community Garden

In 2017, Douglas and Edvin visited Seattle, where Douglas met Edvin’s Mom and sisters. We stayed at the Panama Hotel across the street from Danny Woo Community Garden. We hung out and sat on the morning steps with our coffee whenever we returned from our daily and nightly adventures. It was a nice, quiet place where we sat and enjoyed the view of the city in this hideaway. With its dispensaries and beautiful weather, Seattle was one of Doug’s favorite places. 


poshmark story

Poshmark has been a big part of our lives since 2018. I spent a lot of time at the thrift stores finding clothing I could upcycle into bags and pillows. During my trips, I would find a lot of crown jewels; this is what we called high-end merchandise. In the beginning, Doug would tell me where I should shop to find the crown jewels.

There was one store near his salon, and I would go with him to work at least two times a week and thrift while he was at work. In addition, we took trips to Columbus and Cleveland, where I would like to thrift while he took clients. I enjoyed spending the extra time bonding with him since I always missed him when he went off to work alone.

I had made several trips to NY to thrift throughout the years, and he would always help me pack and ship sales even after a full day of work. Douglas was always so happy for me when I found the crown jewels and would listen attentively to my stories. He always reminded me and helped me order supplies, and shipped the packages when he was out.

Poshmark was the one thing that belonged to both of us, and now, I feel most connected to him when I am out thrifting as I think he’s always helping me find the crown Jewels. I plan to donate a portion of our sales to help the underserved community thrive. I know giving back is something Douglas would have wanted.