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The Hair Project aims to raise awareness and contribute funds to support charities offering mental health support and providing growth opportunities to underserved communities across the United States.


Our core ethos revolves around a profound love for our planet and an unyielding respect for the environment. We firmly believe that taking care of the Earth is a collective responsibility that transcends our daily operations. In our pursuit of excellence, we are steadfast in our commitment to sustainable practices. Our foremost goal is to create products that serve as a testament to our dedication to environmental preservation.

Inspiring a positive mindset

Focusing on the positives helps manage negative thought patterns, fostering resilience and enhancing coping mechanisms. This mindset boosts self-esteem and motivation, leading to proactive actions and a continuous cycle of better mental well-being.

Positive thinking benefits emotions and physical health by reducing stress-related issues like high blood pressure and boosting the immune system. Optimism is contagious and improves relationships, creating a more balanced and fulfilling life. Integrating positivity into daily life enhances mental health and overall well-being.

Donation Pledge

12.22% of our net profits will go towards mental health charities each year on Dec 22.
With a goal to aid charities that offers support to the underserved communities.


Here are some charities we donated to in the past. We look forward to further help charities transform lives.

Future Goals

Build long-term relationships with the current crop of talented Black and Hispanic designers and artists. Help nurture and inspire the next generation of talents.
Create opportunities to assist underserved communities.

Designers identify as black in the US
0 %
Designers identify as Hispanics in the US
0 %


Work with artists and designers to create special products, and promoting arts within the underserved communities.

DIY Products

Design and product upcycled products with a goal to educate and inspire the world to become more sustainable.

Job training

Train local community members to design and produce DIY products sold here. Creating a fair revenue sharing scheme.

Maker Space

Provide an inspiring creative collaborative space for the next generations of makers.

Our poshmark Store

Our store has been open since 2018 and continues to sell vintage and designer items in various sizes with some brand-new merchandise.

Vintage 80’s Band Shirt

Van halen 1986 Tour shirt

Size L
Vintage 80’s Levi’s

505 High Rise Straight Leg Jeans

Size 16
Vintage 80’s Adventure Bound

Raglan Leather Jacket

Size L
Vintage 80’s Alexis Kirk

Red Eel Skin Belt

Size 31 Waist
FreeBird By Steven

Janelle Leopard Heeled Boots

Size 8

Use “THEHAIRPROJECT” code to sign up for a Poshmark Account.

Self Care tips

Mental health issues affects roungly 20% of Americans annuall, it can be serious and debilitaing. While there are some methods you can practice to help with your mood. You can contact your healthcare provider or someone at your local community health clinic for help.

Support someone

Self care tips you can do at home or at a lower cost. If you are feeling too overwhelmed, please check out the resources information below to find low cost therapy or counselling near you.