What is the hair project

The Hair Project is a heartfelt tribute to Douglas Buggs, a visionary hairstylist and aspiring entrepreneur who honed his skills under a distinguished Japanese Master Stylist at Hairmates Group in New York City. Douglas’ unwavering dedication to his craft, coupled with his generosity, loving spirit, wisdom, and courage, serves as the guiding force behind our project.

In the United States, hair texture discrimination represents a profound social injustice predominantly faced by African Americans. We firmly believe that hair is an essential source of individuality, confidence, opportunities, and freedom of expression—a power that no one should strip away.

Motivated by the injustices Douglas experienced and the widespread issues across the nation, we have committed ourselves to continuing his legacy. Our mission resonates with promoting healing through the transformative practices of self-care and creative expression. Additionally, we raise our voice to advocate for improved mental health care in underserved communities, aiming to make a lasting impact.


About Douglas Buggs

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Douglas Buggs faced early adversity when his mother tragically passed away when he was only 12 years old. Yet, in the face of this hardship, he rose to the occasion, becoming a nurturing figure for his younger siblings and embracing the responsibility of cooking for them at a tender age.

In his 20s, fueled by his unwavering passion for hairstyling, Douglas ventured to the vibrant streets of New York City. However, his compassionate nature led him back to Ohio in his 30s, where he tirelessly cared for his grandmother and her ailing spouse. Douglas adored his grandmother, maintaining a strong bond that endured even upon his return to the bustling metropolis.

Known for his vibrant personality, Douglas exemplified kindness, generosity, and an unwavering sense of self. He approached his craft with unparalleled dedication, achieving excellence in all endeavors. With an infectious smile, he radiated a positive outlook on life, championing the mission of helping others by dedicating his time and immense talents to that noble pursuit.

Our mission is to support individuals on their personal healing journey and those supporting a loved one's by promoting self-care practices and fostering creativity to overcome mental health challenges.

The Story of Us

My name is Edvin, and I met Douglas in New York City during the summer of 2015. I recall our first date vividly—we walked hand in hand for 40 blocks to get to the restaurant, and we became nearly inseparable from then on. At the time, Douglas worked at Hairmates Salon while attending night school, and I was in awe of his commitment to perfecting his craft and developing his salon management skills. His determination and strong will left a lasting impression. When we decided to move to Ohio together, Douglas drove for 12 hours straight, having slept very little the night before.

Over the years, we embarked on many adventures, exploring new cities and trying new things. Douglas was always there to care for me, with his gentle demeanor and unwavering support. He left love notes that filled me with encouragement every morning, and one of our cherished pastimes was watching primetime cartoons, with Bob’s Burger being his favorite. Today, I’m grateful to have found an artist to work on the portraits featured on this page.

Despite his dedication and hard work, Douglas faced mental health challenges and career setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, putting an enormous strain on him. It has been one of the hardest things to see.

Since Douglas’ passing, I’ve struggled to reconcile myself with the grieving process. In that pain, I’ve realized that there were things I could have done to support him better and take better care of myself. Though we cannot change the past, I’ve learned about mental health support and self-care, and these insights have inspired me to create The Hair Project. Our hope and goal are to help individuals who face mental health challenges by promoting the values of self-care and advocacy—a reflection of Douglas’ vision of a more caring and empathetic world.

Self Care tips

We understand the significance of self-care in improving mental health and promoting overall wellness. Discover natural stress reduction tips, and explore our resources for low-cost therapy or counseling options in your area to support your mental well-being journey.


Support someone

Mental health issues impact individuals uniquely, making understanding how to provide support during difficult times essential. Discover valuable tips that will equip you to help your loved ones effectively. The Hair Project is here to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to be a positive source of support for someone you care about.

Donations & Goals

As part of our commitment, we pledge to donate 12.22% of our gross Poshmark sales on 12/22 each year in honor of Douglas’s birthday. By pooling our resources, we aim to generate enough funds to establish a foundation that offers scholarships for qualified individuals, ensuring equitable access to mental health support. Together, we can break down barriers and empower underserved communities to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

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