Healing Exercise #4

Self Care Calendar and Planner

Why create a self-care calendar?

I lost my husband almost two years ago and have been working on healing through an online support group and daily journaling. As a result, I have come to peace with some of my grief. In my preview exercise, I dealt with learning how to support a loved one.

I had rarely added a self-care routine to my daily life since I enjoyed working and didn’t find a need for frivolous things.   So I started compiling information to help me understand the value of self-care. 

Douglas, my husband, was a loving and kind person. He always helped others, even if it meant putting himself second. So this is why I like to share this to help others.

Self-care planning

Self-care is important for mental wellness. Dealing with grief has wreck havoc on my mental health, so adding self-care to my routine can help reduce the chaos in my life. I can learn to give myself grace and seek ways to improve my mental health. Learning low-cost self-care tips was something I wanted to do. So I created this self-care calendar that provides various tips and benefits and a daily planner where I can set my physical and mental health goals. It will benefit anyone who may or may not be struggling with mental health issues.

The best way to start is to identify your yearly goals and break them down into smaller daily goals that you can incorporate into a habit and routine. Always be mindful and give yourself grace if you cannot follow daily. Remember, habits take at least three months to form.

How to Use


This printable calendar is for daily self-care inspiration.

  • 36 Self-care tips and benefits
  • Downloadable ICS with more self-care tips to sync with your iCal.
  • The digital pdf file is interactive with links to learn more about self-care and its benefits.

Daily Self-Care Planner

The desktop and mobile planner lets you add self-care practices to your daily routine and goals and stay positive. 

  • Editable PDF file that you can edit and save on your devices. 
  • Printable so you can handwrite your daily goals. 


Results and after thoughts

I am excited to start using this, and I know it will take time with a lot of patience to be successful at it. I will be posting the digital files and updates.

Self Care tips

Mental health issues affects roungly 20% of Americans annuall, it can be serious and debilitaing. While there are some methods you can practice to help with your mood. You can contact your healthcare provider or someone at your local community health clinic for help.

Support someone

Self care tips you can do at home or at a lower cost. If you are feeling too overwhelmed, please check out the resources information below to find low cost therapy or counselling near you.